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Power Education & Publications was developed by a group of highly qualified experts from different countries, with the aim of improving English language materials for a number of educational institutions. Power Education & Publications designs, edits and publishes a lot of new books for the worldwide  market, and enjoys both success and high levels of student satisfaction.

Power Education & Publications' main priority is to design and tailor English books for different English language centres and schools to suit all requirements (beginners, elementary, intermediate, advanced, proficiency levels and specialised courses), providing an expertly tailored, student-targeted and up-to-date learning experience and satisfying market needs. Power Education & Publications has a wide scope of sales expansion worldwide.

Supported by experience, driven by the passion to innovate, and controlled by a team of hi-tech experts, Power Education & Publications has launched its ultimate e-learning software: Power Learn.

Power Education & Publications created and designed Power Learn to make it the perfect and second-to-none e-learning program which can help all categories of learners, including individuals, schools, companies, universities and government authorities.

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Our mission is to provide quality books for English language schools. Power Education & Publications designs, edits, and publishes new books for the European market, and enjoys high levels of success and student satisfaction.