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The Power Learn Partner Program is designed to help you to grow your business.


Power Learn is the easiest way to learn English. We have E-learning solutions for schools, companies and individuals. It's our most powerful and easy-to-use application yet! Chec out our program features to learn more.

With Power Learn you can check your English pronunciation online! Our system includes both male and female voices along with a pronunciation score mechanism. Click here to see our demonstration, or try it for yourself by taking our 1-day trial.

To access our 1-day trial, you first need to register. We will then provide you with a pin number which you can use to access the Power Learn system. Click here and follow the instructions.

Check out our Eshop, where you can buy Power Cards online for the Power Learn program. Our payment system is secure. We use MoneyBookers for all transactions.

Join our community board. You can read our news and announcements, as well as post your feedback, comments and suggestions. We want to hear from you and strive to make our program better and more user-friendly for our students and members.

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You can use Skype to communicate online with our sales and technical department. You may also use our email form.

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Power Learn - The power to learn!

Take the video tour of Power Learn for Students!Take the video tour of Power Learn for Kids! Power Learn is a highly flexible and easy-to-use e-learning system designed specifically for English language learners. With Power Learn you will discover new ways to learn English faster and more easily. Our affordable prices mean that you can start using it immediately; anytime, anywhere you want! Register and start learning English today!

Power Learn for Kids

Power Learn for Students


Power Learn is easy to use e-learning software, just like using a book. Simply click on the pages to access exercises and complete tests. The benefit of using Power Learn over any other software is that Power Learn is specifically designed for students who do not have much knowledge of using computers. Take 1-day trial now or  buy Power Cards immediately using our E-shop. Learn more about the features of  Power Learn and different uses for small companies, educational institutions and enterprises.

A short list of Power Learn features:

  • Easy for Students arrow Power Learn is specifically designed for English learners who do not have much knowledge of using computers. The interface is very easy to use.
  • Entirely online! arrow We have worked to create a system that is available in the home and office, to be used by both individuals and organisations.
  • Complete learning process arrow Power Learn includes student's books and exercises online! You can communicate with others, track your progress, test your pronunciation and much more!
  • Different  Exercise Types: arrow Power Learn supports different kinds of exercises and has a variety of different activities to help you learn and test your skills. Our system includes texts, videos, audio tracks and flash files.
  • Online Pronunciation Score Tool: arrow Students can listen to the pronunciation of each new item of vocabulary. Moreover, they can also record their own voice and receive detailed feedback on the accuracy of their own pronunciation.
  • Support Service arrow The Power Learn support department works online using email or chat. You can send us your queries anytime you want.


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Our mission is to provide quality books for English language schools. Power Education & Publications designs, edits, and publishes new books for the European market, and enjoys high levels of success and student satisfaction.